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In 1987, a group of local business and professional leaders applied for and received from the Georgia Department of Banking a Charter to own and operate a Bank in Waycross and Ware County.  This decision was driven by the fact that all of our locally owned banks were bought by the big city banks. There was no local voice in the management and ownership of a community owned bank.  To this day, we are the only locally owned and managed bank in Waycross and Ware County.

Waycross Bank and Trust opened its doors in June of 1988 with three basic banking responsibilities.

1.       Our first responsibility is to our Depositors.  We must operate a safe and sound bank where the depositors know their money is not at risk and available to them at all times.

2.       Our second responsibility is to our Customers, who are entitled to have available for their use all of the latest banking technology, programs and services.

3.      Our third responsibility is to our Shareholders. They are entitled to a reasonable return on the value of their equity and the safety of their investment.

This policy has earned us the recognition as one of the safest Banks in Georgia.  While the current economic conditions are testing our will, we are bullish on the long term prospects for our Country and our area in particular. We look forward with great expectation to the future of Waycross Bank and Trust and our Management's ability to provide exceptional leadership.